Why Cats Hate Garbage Bags And Other Household Items

Why Cats Hate Garbage Bags And Other Household Items

Cats are strange creatures.  Just when you think you know yours, they suprise you by acting in the strangest way!  One thing’s for certain, they each have individual personalities, and cat owners love every single one of them. There are some common traits with cats though which can be identified, particularly their shared hatred and fear of normal household items. We wanted to take a closer look and see if we can unravel the feline mind and find out just what makes them hate certain things!

Cats And Loud Noises

Fireworks, thunderstorms, slamming doors and car alarms can all make your cat jump in the air and run for cover.  Loud noises are deafening and suprising for our sharp hearing feline friends. A sudden loud noise means danger, and fireworks, in particular, can cause huge amounts of distress to your cat and bring out ‘jumpy’ tendencies.  Even a tense household with lots of arguments, slamming doors and loud music can affect the sensitivities and stress levels of your cat.  To combat this make sure your cat has their own place to go and be quiet without bother from kids and visitors, preferably at height. When it’s firework season, you can  pop a few drops of Rescue Remedy into your cat’s water to take the edge off and leave a radio or the TV on to dumb down the noise.

Cats Taking Pills

Cats are smarter than us. The proof of this statement is demonstrated the moment a cat owner tries to give their beloved pet a pill.  Cats are independent creatures, and they play on their terms only.  The moment they feel forced to do something is the moment they start to go on the defence.  One great tip is to get your cat in a calm state and then wrap them in a towel, a little like a baby in swaddling clothes. Be sure to wrap tight, but make sure all four legs are comfortable. This will give you a safe window to administer the medication without the fear of a devastating claw to the face.

Why Cats Hate Dirty Litter Boxes

Our feline friends are divas.  They are the centre of their universe and expect to be fed, watered and cuddled on demand. They are also extremely clean animals.  They constantly wash and groom themselves, and each other, and they cannot stand a dirty litter box.  For us humans, cleaning out a litter box is one of our worst pet owning jobs. It’s stinky! The trick is not to let the litter box get out of control and clean little and often.  Find a strong, biodegradable pet waste bag which you can use to scoop up urine and cat poop quickly and hygienically. This way you can manage the smell coming from the litter tray and your cat is happy, not distressed and not tempted to defecate somewhere else in your home!

Why Garbage Bags Are A Cat’s Worst Enemy

How many cat owners have seen their cat run for cover at the slightest rustle of a garbage bag or plastic grocery bag? What causes it? There are many theories out there, but the most popular two seem to be; a bad experience with a garbage bag in the past where  the sound of a rustling bag brings back frightening flashbacks, or the sound a rustling plastic bag makes..  Your cat may have got into some trouble being where they shouldn’t (which is a common trait for most moggies!). They may have got into a bin, or been shooed off aggressively by someone holding some grocery bags, cats have good memories, and they are smart enough to stay away from danger.  The other theory is that a rustling bag sounds like a snake and it’s in a cat’s DNA to be afraid. If you think about it, a rustling bag does sound like a hissing snake, but nothing is proven when it comes to cats biggest enemy, the plastic bag.

So there you have it. Cats are complicated creatures, they have strong personalities, they’re smart, and they don’t forget. That’s why they have been one of human’s favourite, and much loved pets since for centuries.