Elka 2 Ply 400 Sheet Premium Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper Roll

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Toilet Paper Roll

A good quality toilet paper roll is an essential item in most private and public bathrooms. It is really a safe haven when you are travelling and require frequent visits to the washroom. At Elka Imports, you can choose the right toilet paper roll from our wide range of toilet paper.


These toilet paper rolls are made from high quality virgin pulp material that is highly absorbent and without any chemical residuals. It is produced naturally from trees and doesn’t harm your skin. These are packaged in individually wrapped sheets for an easy pull-out.

Product Range

You can find an exclusive range of toilet rolls for sale which includes Elka 2 ply 400 sheets premium toilet paper, Elka 2 ply 400 sheet executive toilet paper, Elka 2 ply 700 sheets premium toilet paper, and Elka 3 ply 250 sheets premium toilet paper.

Product Size

Sheet Size: 10mm x 11mm

Carton Quantity: 48 rolls


Roll of toilet paper are a need of any residential, commercial or industrial facility as well as during travel. You can safely use this range in your bathrooms, washrooms, hygiene rooms, sanitation areas, medical facilities, sports facilities and anywhere cleaning is required.


  • Highly absorbent
  • Tear resistant
  • Leaves no residual
  • Soft, smooth and flexible on skin
  • Economical for everyday use

Storage Instructions

Keep these paper toilet rolls in cool and dry place. Keep them out of reach of children to avoid swallowing.

Where To Buy Toilet Paper Roll Online

You can order a pile of toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls for your home, office or any commercial facility at Elka Import’s online store. You can browse our online store from anywhere in Australia for placement of an order or you can talk to our customer-friendly team in case you have any queries. When you order to buy bulk toilet paper rolls from us, you will grab a discounted deal. Call now at +612 9773 0708 or send us an email at sales@elkaimports.com.