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Paper Towel Roll

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Paper Towel Roll

Elka imports paper roll towel offers a compact way to provide great hand-drying capacity. With one-at-a-time dispensing, these hand roll towels paper reduce both consumption and cost. These hand towel rolls also provides great convenience in cleaning almost all liquids including oil, blood, grease or any other fluid.


These are the best paper hand towels that are manufactured from virgin fibre to make them softer and durable. These are highly absorbent white paper towel rolls and packed individually to make them easily dispensable with one hand.

Product Range

You can find a couple of products in our jumbo roll toilet paper. Elka 80M Roll hand towel and Elka center feed paper hand towels.

Standard Paper Towel Roll Size

Centre Feed Sheet Size: 300M & 19cm long

Carton Quantity: 6 rolls


Toilet paper roll towels are a need of any residential, commercial or industrial facility as well as during travel. You can safely use this range in your bathrooms, washrooms, hygiene rooms, sanitation areas, medical facilities, sports facilities and any where cleaning is required.


  • Highly absorbent
  • Tear resistant
  • Strong, durable and convenient to use
  • Soft, smooth and flexible on skin
  • Economical for everyday use
  • Reduces labor cost with less restocking requirements
  • Compatible with toilet paper towel dispensers

Storage Instructions

Keep these paper toilet rolls in cool and dry place. Keep them out of reach of children to avoid swallowing.

Where To Buy Paper Towel Rolls

You can find cheapest paper hand towels wholesale price at Elka imports online store where you can order bulk paper towel roll quantity from anywhere in Australia. Call now at 02 9773 0708 or send us an email at sales@elkaimports.com.