Elka 2 Ply 300m Premium Jumbo Toilet Paper

Jumbo Toilet Paper

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Jumbo Toilet Paper

Unlike standard rolls of bathroom tissues that have long been used in residential and small commercial settings, restrooms in facilities that tend to have a good deal of traffic, however, such as those in large offices, schools, airports, and public institutions and arenas, benefit from the option to install high-capacity jumbo roll toilet tissue fixtures in bathrooms, washrooms and restrooms.


These toilet paper rolls are made from high quality virgin pulp material that is highly absorbent and without any chemical residuals. It is produced naturally from trees and doesn’t harm your skin. These are packaged in individually wrapped sheets for an easy pull-out.

Product Range

You can find a couple of products in our jumbo roll toilet paper. Elka 2 ply 300M premium jumbo toilet paper and Elka 1 ply 500M premium jumbo toilet paper.

Product Size

Sheet Size: 90mm thick and 300M & 500 M long

Carton Quantity: 8 rolls


Roll of 1 and 2 ply toilet paper are a need of any residential, commercial or industrial facility as well as during travel. You can safely use this range in your bathrooms, washrooms, hygiene rooms, sanitation areas, medical facilities, sports facilities and any where cleaning is required.


  • Highly absorbent
  • Tear resistant
  • Strong, durable and convenient to use
  • Soft, smooth and flexible on skin
  • Economical for everyday use
  • Reduces labor cost with less restocking requirements
  • Reduces waste

Storage Instructions

Keep these paper toilet rolls in cool and dry place. Keep them out of reach of children to avoid swallowing.

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