Elka 2 Ply 400 Sheet Premium Toilet Paper

2 ply Toilet Paper

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2 Ply Toilet Paper

2 ply toilet paper ensure extra absorbency for all the liquid with no tear quality. These are the extra thick paper tissues that sustain the maximum wetness and works perfectly to wipe down and dry the hands as well as bathroom surfaces.

Product Range

It is made from highest quality virgin pulp and turned into pure white paper, which is lightly embossed to enhance its softness & appearance. Difference sizes are available from the below range.

Elka 2 ply 400 sheet premium toilet paper, Elka 2 ply 400 sheet Executive toilet paper, Elka 2 ply 700 sheet premium toilet paper, Elka 2 ply 300M  premium jumbo toilet paper and Elka 2 ply 250 sheet interleaved toilet paper.

2 Ply Toilet Paper Rolls

Some of the Toilet Paper rolls are individually wrapped to provide ease in pulling and maintaining hygiene. It provides excellent absorbency with better value for customers. It is suitable to be placed in residential as well as commercial bathrooms with less traffic.

2 Ply 300M Jumbo Toilet Paper

300M 2 ply jumbo toilet paper is best for use in toilet paper dispensers and reduces the cost of extra usage when typically used in bathrooms where there is a high level of traffic, such as clubs, pubs, hotel lobbies, shopping centers & fast food outlets. Jumbo roll size ensures that refilling is not required frequently. The highest levels of hygiene are achieved as the user will touch only the tissue that they will use.

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