Elka 2 Ply 250 Sheet Interleaved Toilet Paper

Interleaved Toilet Paper

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High Quality Interleaved Toilet Paper Australia

Interleaved toilet paper are becoming more popular in all commercial and industrial facilities due to the businesses installing interleaved toilet tissue dispensers to accommodate the high traffic in shopping malls, restaurants and manufacturing facilities. Interleaved toilet paper comes with a convenience of wiping and drying hands without wastage of extra tissues. Their interleaved packaging makes the pull off easy and quick for instant drying. They withstand the wet conditions and absorb grease, oil, dirt in addition to liquids with great sturdiness.

In addition to hands, these interleaved toilet tissues can be used to clean benches, counter tops, sink, glass tables and much more in residential, commercial or industrial facilities.

2 Ply 250 Sheet Interleaved Toilet Paper

Made from premium quality virgin pulp, these interleaved tissues are soft, highly absorbent and perfect for everyday cleaning job. Thanks to its maximum thickness which makes it a perfect wiping choice for oil, grease, dirt and any other filth from the hands and surfaces.

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