3 Ply Surgical Masks Carton of 50masks


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Buy Bulk Face Mask Online Australia

Face masks are a great tool to protect yourself and others from the germs, bacteria, and viruses. Best face masks are the ones that keep the dust and all other bacteria away from the air you inhale.

Composition Of Surgical Face Masks Australia

The most common type of masks is the 3 ply surgical face masks. These are made up with three protective layers that help in good breathability and filtration against dust particles, germs or other infectious disease. These surgical masks are typically made with non-latex material to ensure that it doesn’t create any toxic reaction or irritation on the skin. Surgical face masks Australia offers are sonically bonded not to combine strength with comfort. They do not suffocate. These protective surgical masks are available as 50 pieces in a box.

Surgical Face Mask Application And Usage Instructions

These surgical face masks are suitable for use in any environment which may be hazardous for health and affect your breathing. These masks are a perfect choice for those in medical profession, food restaurants, chemical handling, school going kids, and salesman who visit different places during the day.

These are fit to all standard size and easy to wear surgical masks. Make sure that the stiff bendable edge is always on top and molded to the shape of your nose. Ear loops should be tightened-up around both ears and the low-lint layer should be stretched to cover till the chin. These are re-usable surgical masks if taken care properly.

Disposal Instructions For 3 Ply Surgical Face Mask

These disposable face masks are recommended to be disposed off safely and properly to prevent spread of germs.

Where To Buy Surgical Face Mask In Australia

You can browse our online store for placement of an order or you can talk to our customer-friendly team in case you have any queries. When you order bulk surgical masks from us, you will grab a discounted deal. Call now at +612 9773 0708 or send us an email at sales@elkaimports.com.