Plastic Bags

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Keep It Hygienic, Clean And Fresh With Elka Plastic Bags

You won’t be able to set your trash and store large items properly if you are not investing in good quality plastic bags. Trash might become a part of your life whether you like it or not. Keeping all your needs and wants in mind, Elka Imports is here with an outstanding range of standard plastic bags in Australia that are an ideal solution to keeping your home, workspace, and the surroundings neat and clean. So, handling trash and heavy-duty stuff is not an issue if you have our products with you.

With over 25 years of experience in providing plastic bags and other cleaning products we exactly know what will work best for you. Being one of the leading cleaning supplies providers in Australia, our ultimate goal is to provide you a wide range of the best plastic bags that can offer high quality, durability and affordability.

From clear plastic bags, small plastic bags, dog poop bags and  bin liners to the best heavy duty plastic bags in Australia, we have everything you could need to dispose all your unwanted trash. Browse our huge range of plastic bags with different sizes and colors, here we have Elka 36L black, blue and white bin liners, 75L heavy garbage bags, 400mm x 200mm dog waste bags and much more just to provide you with the right type of plastic bags that are big enough to fit in and strong enough to handle any operation.

Wholesale Plastic Bags For Bulk Purchases

Most people prefer to use garbage bags in all areas of their homes and workplaces, so that they can easily throw out the trash without creating any mess. With our garbage bags and even organize your supplies and small toys with our high quality clear plastic bags. But if you are a business owner or facility manager looking out for heavy duty plastic bags for massive clean-ups or if your business is near any construction site that require something tough and reliable to handle waste and trash with spiky or jagged edges, Elka Imports has just the right options for you. We take pride to offer the finest quality heavy duty clear plastic bags for bulk purchases that work best to keep your spaces tidy and organized. We guarantee that our plastic bags’ range is a key solution for any of your commercial, residential or industrial environments.

Need Plastic Bags? Shop from Elka

Elka Imports’ core focus is on providing the highest quality clear plastic bags at such the lowest possible prices that no competitor can match. Our wholesale priced garbage bags allow you to shop for great quality at low prices. So, what else do you need? Get in touch with us by calling us at +612 9773 0708 and know more about our products before making an order. We welcome you and your quires and would love to hear them. You can also reach us via our email sales@elkaimports.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible!