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Interleaved Hand Towel

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Interleaved Hand Towel

Interfold paper hand towels are becoming increasingly popular as the commercial facilities including restaurants and shopping malls are installing slim line interfold hand towel dispensers to manage the limited space available.  Interfold hand towel tissue provides a smart way of cleaning, drying and wiping the hands. These are the high quality interleaved hand towels which reduces the overall consumption of paper hand towels due to their extra durability in wet conditions as well their reasonable size to handle most of the operations.

Product Range

You can select from a range of 1 Ply and 2 ply ultra slim paper hand towels as well as TAD compact paper hand towels.

TAD Paper hand towels are luxurious, extra soft and highly absorbent TAD virgin material hand towel tissues made from air dried technology in a size of 20cmX25cm, 23cmX24 cm and  23cmX23 cm.

1 Ply & 2 Ply Interfold Paper Towels

These are manufactured from the virgin pulp and extra thick to ensure maximum absorbency of water, oil, grease and any dirt. Ultra slim hand towels are perfect for any everyday cleaning job.


Interleaved paper hand towels adds a great convenience to for wiping down hands, benches, counter-tops, sinks, glass tables, display cabinets, tables and much more in residential and commercial facilities.

Buy Interleaved Hand Towels Online

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