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Black Garbage Bags

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Black Garbage Bags

Black plastic garbage bags are mostly used for collecting and disposing of waste that is non-recyclable. These are ideal bin liners for being thick bin bags and known for their ability to hide everything disposed of in it. Most homeowners like large black trash bags since they conceal the rubbish it contains and give a neat look.

At Elka Imports, we have black garbage bags made of 100 % virgin HDPE material. Therefore, these bags are more durable, stronger and tear resistant than other types of products in the market. We have different sizes of black garbage bags available for sale. You can pick any product you want, and make an online order for the same. Will have it delivered to your home or business address within a few days. We are dedicated to making your shopping experience on our website a pleasant one!

But before you buy our products, we would like you to go through all the key specifications. If you are looking to buy products at wholesale rates, you should go through the following:


These bin bags are black in colour and made up of premium quality virgin HDPE/LDPE material that is durable, stronger, and more tear-resistant than other garbage bags manufactured from recycled material. These small and large black garbage bags are 22um & 25um thick and manufactured with a star seal, and extremely strong and tough to handle any type of medium-heavy weight waste.

Product Range

Our black garbage bag collection offers a versatile solution for all your waste disposal needs. Available in various sizes and strengths, these bags are designed to handle any type of trash, from everyday household waste to heavy-duty industrial debris. Keep your space clean and organized with our reliable and durable black garbage bags.


These bags are flat packed in plastic packaging for easy dispensing. They are packaged in a carton of 200 and 250 bags and available in an easy dispensable roll of 50 bags per roll and 4 or 5 rolls per carton.


From small waste bins in kitchens, offices, and schools to heavy weight operations in clubs, hotels, restaurants, and councils.


Why Choose Elka Products Online?

When there are so many suppliers out there, it becomes difficult to pick the right cleaning supplies for your home or commercial business. But you can’t just buy black garbage bags in bulk from any company out of the blue, can you? You have to make a well-informed decision, especially if you are going to buy products in bulk. Thankfully, Elka Imports is one place in Australia where you can buy quality cleaning supplies online at great prices. Be it large black garbage bags or other products that you need for your home and office. We can supply them all.

Here are many more reasons to buy products from us:

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Wholesale Supplies: Do you feel you are not getting the best deal from your cleaning products supplier at the moment? You can come to us because we offer wholesale deals for the cleaning supplies listed on our website. You can buy black garbage bags without worrying about the price of your order. We supply wholesale cleaning supplies to Australian businesses, commercial offices, resellers and households. You can grab the best deals  at our online shop, so why wait? Hurry.. shop now!

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As you can see, we leave no stone unturned to give our clients a shopping experience like never before. Elka Imports brings 25+ years of experience to the table, and we ensure we do a job that keeps our reputation intact.

Where To Buy Black Plastic Garbage Bags

Browse our online store or get in touch with our team to order Elka black trash bags today and save up to 40% off on wholesale pricing. Let us know your queries. You can easily reach us by calling at 02 9773 0708 or sending an email at sales@elkaimports.com.We love to hear and answer your queries!