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Elka Disposable Gloves Providing Comfort & Safety

Using Elka disposable gloves is an ideal way to protect yourself against all kinds of hazards that might affect you if you belong to emergency service, medical professions, food business, working with food and for people who handle chemicals regularly. At Elka Imports, we offer wide selection of disposable gloves, making it easy for you to find the right one that suits your workplace and its operations. Our disposable cleaning gloves are a popular choice, as they minimize the threat of health hazards and contamination in the working environment. Elka disposable gloves offer a clear obstacle against all risks that are associated with sensitive operations. So, if you want to ensure your employees and workers’ safety, Elka disposable gloves are must to have essentials for your workspaces.
Here at Elka Imports, we take pride to offer our range of supreme quality Elka disposable gloves that are equally suitable for both medical grade and general use. We are one of the leading suppliers of disposable gloves in Australia, offering a wide range of materials to meet different requirements of different industries. Our great value disposable gloves range includes powder free clear Vinyl glovesNitrile gloves and more. Elka disposable gloves are available in different colours and sizes to maximize your protection. Our cleaning gloves can also be worn while using surgical instruments and where certain reactions can occur or when there is a slight doubt on safety. You can easily keep your Elka disposable gloves in a rack near your work table for convenience.

Elka Disposable Gloves- A Budget Friendly Solution

Elka disposable gloves are ideal for many food service applications at restaurants, grocery stores, catering business and business who deals with health hazard chemicals. Our disposable gloves allow you to perform a variety of tasks comfortably, hygienically and competently. At Elka Imports, our extensive range of disposable gloves is offered for your safety and protection at most reasonable prices so no matter the risks your employees face, you can give them the right personal protective equipment in the form of Elka disposable gloves by getting up to 40% off wholesale pricing. Elka stands by its commitment to a high-quality product at the most affordable price range.

Order Disposable Gloves Today!

If you are wondering which disposable gloves are the best suited for your business operations or the most suitable for your staff, just reach us by dialing +612 9773 0708 or sending us an email at sales@elkaimports.com. Our team will get back to you as soon as they receive your queries.