Elka Black Nitrile Powder Free Gloves



  • Brand: Elka
  • Material: Black nitrile powder free (latex free)
  • Size: Medium, Large or Extra Large
  • Application: Industrial grade synthetic nitrile – chemical, abrasion and oil resistant
  • Colour: Black
  • Carton Qty: 1000 gloves


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Black nitrile disposable gloves should be the first choice when it comes to getting a tough job done.  Firstly, they offer a great alternative to those who have a latex allergy and the powder free option ensures no cross contamination. The black color can be used as part of a color coding system too, for different areas or tasks at your workplace.

Nitrile rubber is far more resistant than natural rubber, latex and vinyl offering extra protection, particularly with abrasive chemicals and oils. Nitrile gloves are also three times more puncture resistant than latex or vinyl. The best nitrile gloves are ambidextrous and offer the right balance of protection and comfort. After all, you want the user to be able to sense and feel what they are doing. Nitrile rubber gloves offer a tactile experience whilst protection the user from chemicals, liquids which can meet your PPE requirements.

Elka Imports offers exceptional quality bulk nitrile gloves at the cheapest price in Australia. Elka’s disposable black nitrile gloves come in small, medium and large sizes and offers superior protection against chemicals and oil. This makes our range of nitrile disposable gloves a perfect choice for:-

  • Food preparation
  • Chemical labs and pharmacies
  • Health and beauty sector
  • Cleaning industry
  • Mechanics and service stations
  • Engineering
  • Factory and production lines
  • Picking and packing warehouses
  • Tattoo studios

The added benefits of Elka black nitrile gloves is that they offer great grip and performance in both wet and dry conditions which offers next level safety and the black color absorbs any stains and or marks, so your staff always look clean and professional. Elka imports also offers superior protection from cuts, tears and splits. Our wholesale disposable gloves give your staff an adequate level of protection, ensuring that you meet all of your OHS requirements.

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