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Try Elka Nitrile Gloves To Prevent Skin Damages

With manufacturers coming up with an ever-growing array of different chemicals and products to treat, clean, color, and protect materials, it can be dangerous and cause a lot of stress on your hands, potentially damaging your skin. That’s why Elka Imports recommends having protective Elka Nitrile gloves on your hands during all your operations where there is a higher possibility of coming into contact with irritants, oil, grime, or substances that may harm your skin.

Elka Nitrile gloves are a type of disposable gloves that are made from synthetic rubber. As they have a similar texture to latex, a lot of people choose our Nitrile gloves range when they are concerned about possible latex allergies. At Elka Imports, we stock and offer only the best Nitrile gloves in our product range that can offer greater dexterity, strength, and resistance to oils and aqueous chemicals in comparison to latex or vinyl. For these reasons, Elka Nitrile disposable gloves are often used in the laboratory, medical, and manufacturing industries.

Elka Imports has over 25 years of extensive experience in providing an incredible range of Nitrile disposable gloves that are an ideal and most suitable choice for chemical labs and pharmacies, the beauty and health sector, food handling businesses, cleaning industry, packing and picking warehouses, mechanics and service stations and more.

Elka Black Nitrile Gloves With A Distinct Color

When exceptional quality and affordability are your top concerns, you must choose Elka Black Nitrile powder-free gloves. They offer an amazing grip and performance in both wet and dry environments and also provide the next level of safety during operations where severe health hazards are expected.

The black color of Elka Nitrile gloves can easily absorb any, marks or stains, so your staff will always look clean, safe, and professional. Elka Black Nitrile gloves simply ensure zero risks, maximum safety, and protection when you are wearing them on your hands. They come up in small, medium, and large sizes, so they are easy to use for everyone.

The Best Disposable Nitrile Gloves Online

At Elka Imports, we aim to provide our commercial and residential sector customers with the highest quality Nitrile gloves that can suit both, their safety and budget at the same time. Here, you can get an amazing opportunity to save up to 40% off on wholesale Nitrile Gloves purchase and it can’t get any better than this. Our goal is to add an extra layer of hygiene and protection to your spaces with our affordable Nitrile disposable gloves that are always easy on your pocket.

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