The History of Garbage Bags

The History of Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are used extensively throughout the world, and you’ll be surprised to know that they are not new. The green plastic bags that you see every day are made from polyethylene. They were formulated in 1950 by Harry Wasylyk, with his partner Larry Hansen. Both the inventors were from Canada.

What Happened Before Garbage Bags?

Before garbage bags were widely popular, many people would bury their trash in open space. Some people also used to burn the garbage. It was much later that they realised that burning and burying is actually bad for the environment. Garbage bags have helped people treat their trash in a better way.

The Early Days Of Garbage Bags

In their early days, garbage bags were employed for commercial purposes. They were used in the Winnipeg Hospital in the beginning. Hansen used to work in the Union Carbide Company that bought the invention from them. The company produced the first batch of green garbage bags in the 1960s and called them Glad Bags for home use.

The invention soon became a hit and was used by several businesses and homes. Within some time, it became a popular commodity item.

Drawstring Bags

In 1984, drawstring the history of garbage bags hit the market and made it easier for people to carry full bags. The original drawstrings were made using high density plastics. These bags were strong and had a robust closing mechanism. However, these bags were more expensive. Drawstring bags have now become popular with home use, and people buy them despite their additional costs because they make carrying garbage easier.

Twist Ties

Twist ties that are used with garbage bags were originally used with bread bags. They were invented in 1923 by George Hinson. Today, twist ties are used to tie up several things, including garbage bags, phone charger wires, headphone cables, and bread bags, etc.

Cinch Accessories For Garbage Bags

the history of garbage bags start from 1997, a former hospital janitor came up with a cinch. It helped the garbage bags to stay in their position and not fall inside the can. The janitor had an experience of tying hundreds of knots each day, and he knew that with the right knot, this would become an efficient and faster way to use garbage bags. He used to knot a part of the bag so that it fits the rum snugly without falling inside. He came up with a device that would gather the extra polyethylene that is outside the can, and cinch it into its place. Thus the garbage bag cinch was invented.

The Hospital Connection

The first garbage bags were used in a hospital. The idea of cinch was also conceived in a hospital. And cinch was first used commercially in a hospital.

Biodegradable Bags

There have been debates on the topic of the eco-friendliness of polyethylene garbage bags. In 1971, Doctor James Guillet came up with a plastic that would decompose when left in sunlight. With this invention, we can use plastic bags and still stay on the eco-friendly side. Biodegradable bags are easily available in the market these days and are used by many people.