How Garbage Bags Are Manufactured

How Garbage Bags Are Manufactured

Garbage bags are used in all homes and commercial businesses – whether you’re throwing off kitchen waste or used paper, it all gets stored in garbage bags, which are later collected by the waste management department. Generally available in black colors, they are found in all homes. Have you ever thought how garbage bags are manufactured?

It all starts with a material called polyethylene. It is the most common material used for making garbage bags, although other materials are available as well. This is the most preferred material because it is strong and tear resistant.

Polyethylene beads were invented in 1942. Trash bags are generally made of low-density polyethylene that is soft, flexible, waterproof, and airtight. High density polyethylene can be used to make heavy duty bags. Known as garbage bags, trash bags, refuse sacks, trash can liners, and bin liners, they serve a very important purpose – keeping our garbage at one place. Let’s discuss how these immensely useful products are made.

The Process Of Making Trash Bags Is:

1. Polyethylene pellets are put in big hoppers.

2. They are melted at 200 degrees and pressed.

3. The polyethylene is then blown to form a bubble.

4. A machine compresses the bubble to flatten it out.

5. It becomes a thin film and is divided into multiple webs.

6. It is then cut out into bags of various sizes

7. The bottoms of the bags are separated.

8. Bags are folded and stacked.

Garbage Bags Available In Various Colors And Sizes

While mostly found in black, clear, or white colors, garbage bags are actually available in several colors. Some people use different colors to differentiate recyclable garbage from non-recyclable trash. If you want the UV rays to break down the garbage, you can choose transparent bags.

These bags also come in a range of thicknesses. Generally speaking, larger bags are a bit thicker so that they can hold more trash without breaking. You can also find heavy duty garbage bags that are thick and do not tear easily.

Some garbage bags come with double lining to make them completely invulnerable. Such bags generally have the outer covering made of waterproof polyethylene material and the inner lining is made of cellulose pulp. These bags are generally made to hold trash that has bad odour and water content. Some garbage bags also come with wire twists or draw strings that make them easier to close.

Environment friendly

There are several environment friendly garbage bags that are available at affordable prices. These bags reduce when thrown in the compost. Under ideal conditions, they would turn into compost in just 90 days. They are made from Ecoflex plastic and are completely biodegradable.

Garbage bags can be pretty too!

A couple in India has found a solution to the problem of littering. Anita and Shaleb Ahuja collect waste garbage bags and turn them into plastic sheets. Then they make handbags out of these sheets. Plastic bags are a huge problem in India so the couple decided to make them pretty. These bags are collected, washed, dried, moulded, and then turned into beautiful handbags.