Doggy Poo –What to Do?

Doggy Poo –What to Do?

Although taking your dog out is a bonding activity, it would be wise to carry dog poo bags along. This prevents your dogs from dirtying the streets. You might have heard about the phrase, “curb your dog”. It means taking care of your dog business once he is done with it. And how do you do that? Let us help you.

Bag It

The easiest way to curb your dog is to collect the poo in a bag and throw it away. There are two main points to take care while bagging your dog’s poop: the right sized bag and the right technique. Make sure you don’t carry a tiny sandwich sized bag, because although it’s enough to contain the poop, there are chances that you’ll get your hands dirty. Once you’ve got a large enough bag, wear it like a glove. Pick up the poop with it, and use your other hand to pull over the bag on it. The bag shouldn’t have a hole, otherwise the poop can drop out. Knot the bag and throw it in a trash can.

Scoop It

If you don’t like the feel of dog poo bags (who does?), you can use a pooper scooper. It is a shovel-type tool that will help you scoop up the dog poo without. The problem is that they are big, and thus difficult to carry. They are basically used by people who want to pick up dog poop from their yards. While the curbing laws don’t apply on your own private property, but it’s best to clean it up to avoid stepping on it. If you’re walking your dog in the streets, a scooper won’t help you, because holding poo in it until you find a bin could be difficult.

Digest It

A waste digester system might be helpful to you if you don’t want to throw away the dog poo bags in a trash can. Waste digester systems are embedded in the ground and are similar to septic tanks. They liquefy the dog poop and send it to mix in the soil. If you have a pooper scooper in your yard, you might want to install a digester to dispose of the doggy doo. To install a digester, find a convenient spot that is out of the way. It has a lid on it, so when you bring poop to it, take off the lid, drop the poop inside, add digester mix and water, and then close the lid.

Out of all these methods, bags are the cheapest, but you need to throw one away with each picking and buy a new batch after some time. A scooper can be used for many years. The bottom line is that if you have a dog, you need to take care of their business. Whether you use Garbage Bags or a scooper, the poop needs to be thrown away. Whenever you take your furry friend outside, he will take care of his business, and you’ll have to take care of the remains. So select the method that suits you the most and curb your dog.