Removing Dog Poop from Yard – The Art And Science Behind It

Removing Dog Poop from Yard – The Art And Science Behind

It,Let’s discuss dog poop. For normal people, it’s a disgusting thing. But for long time dog owners, it can be an everyday discussion topic. Proud dog owners have more than a passing interest in this topic. Long-time dog owners will most certainly have invented their own poop disposal systems, and they are unlikely to be in the need of a tutorial. But if you are a new owner, and you don’t understand what to do with the poop, we have explained simple dog waste disposal solutions below.

These days, there are plenty of supplies that help people dispose of dog poop in a convenient manner. However, figuring out what to buy or how to use it can still be difficult.

If you have a dog, you need a pickup plan. Otherwise, things will easily get messy. If you are always around the dog, it is not all that hard to pick up the poop each time your dog goes. If this is not possible, you will need to prepare some kind of schedule. You can, for example, pick up the poop every evening or in the morning. If you are lucky enough to have a big yard, you will probably only need one or two pickup days each week.

Delegate If You Just Can’t Do It

Who wouldn’t like to delegate an icky task like this one? If you have a grown up child, you could perhaps make this a chore for them or you could ask your partner. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing it yourself or getting it done by somebody else, you need an effective plan in place.

Now About HOW To Pick It Up

Dog poop bags and pooper-scoopers can be used to pick up dog waste from the yard. Bags are good – you only have to replenish your supplies from time to time. Scoops are good too. They will stay in your yard and you can use them whenever you want to without having to worry about running out of supplies. The only disadvantage to this method is that sometimes poo remnants can stay on the scoops and attract flies. Dunk the scoops in a disinfectant solution or hose them down to prevent this from becoming an issue But removing dog poop from yard – the art and science behind it.

More Options

If you would rather use dog waste bags, there are many different kinds of them available today. Many of them work reasonably well. Scented dog garbage bags are a good option. Choose models with handles that tie. They will mask the odour, and the pleasant smell coming out of them will make this unpleasant task more enjoyable!

If your dog’s poo is mushy, some remnants can get stuck on the concrete or grass. A nice spray with a hose should solve this problem. You should also consider using an odour neutraliser for the yard. If you don’t want the poop to end up in your trash cans, get a Doggie Dooley installed. It is a septic system for dog poop.

Don’t want to install a Doggie Dooley? No worries. Haven’t you got a great poop disposal solution inside the house? Yes, we are talking about the toilet here. Pick up the poop from the yard and put it in a dog poop bag. Dump the poop into the toilet and flush. Don’t flush the poop bag unless of course, you want the plumber to come calling every other day but removing dog poop from the yard – the art and science behind it.