Tips On Selecting Right Toilet Paper Products For Your Bathroom

Toilet paper products are a must-have in every private bathroom or any public restroom space and can quickly add up to your toiletries budget if you’ve got a big family or high public traffic. It is therefore necessary that you make a wise choice when considering to buy bulk paper products wholesale supplies. There are many brands offering cheap paper products Australia wide but quality is also an important factor that should be considered for this must-have item. Since it is something which comes in frequent use there shouldn’t be any compromises on your skin and body. When you go to buy washroom paper products such as toilet tissues and paper hand towels, you find a variety of toilet paper types to choose from:


This term comes from the freshly cut trees. Trees are chipped, pulped, bleached and turned into toilet paper rolls. These are softer, cheaper and readily available so mostly people choose this type.


Manufacturing of recycled toilet paper causes less carbon footprint impact on environment as it does not involve cutting of new trees and made from used office paper or newspaper. Old papers are collected, mixed, with warm water to make pulp then processes are applied to removal ink from pulp and bleach and dry it to turn into toilet tissue rolls.


It is almost similar type as of virgin but bamboo stalks are used instead of trees. It is considered to be a more sustainable option than virgin toilet paper as it does not need re-plantation and re-grows on itself. This product is usually chosen by those who are environment conscious.

People are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprints and prefer products including tissue papers and toilet papers that have less impact. Manufacturers are also studying this consumer behavior and thanks to the technology which enables the production of recycled paper products of the same quality that can compete with virgin products in areas of strength and comfort.

How To Compare And Choose Types Of Toilet Paper Products

There are a lot of other factors that people consider to choose right paper products for washroom.

Roll And Package Size

Well, it much depends on your need and consumption level. Considering roll size and packaging involves how many sheets are in each roll, how many rolls are in a pack? The bigger the roll, the lesser you need to rush out to buy more. However, you can often order paper products online.

Ply Count

It helps to decide for the strength of the product. It defines how many layers of paper are used in the tissue paper piece. Number of plies shows the number of paper used, the more sheets, tougher, durable and softer the toilet paper, but it is generally more expensive.


While thicker toilet paper may be suitable and comfortable for your hygiene, it may be worst for your toilet drain lines. If you have a blockage problem then the quicker toilet paper dissolves, the gentler it is on your plumbing.

Sensitive Skin

Last but not least is your own skin. It shouldn’t be compromised for the price. Some people have sensitivity towards the rough toilet appears or by products used by certain manufacturers so always go for the hypoallergenic options available in the market that are designed specifically for people with sensitive skin.

However, there is a range of toilet paper products Australia wide, from pricier, more environment friendly options to 1 ply budget friendly options so you take some time and compare a few brands to decide which paper product is most suitable for your needs.