How to Refill Commercial Soap Dispensers

Practising and maintaining hygiene is necessary at all public places including restaurants, hotels, schools, shopping malls, and especially commercial washrooms. Therefore, it is important for the property owners to provide their visitors with a safe and effective hygiene solution where they can wash and sanitise their hands. Soap dispensers are required to frequently be refilled in high traffic areas and effectively refilling a soap dispenser can help you cut on hygiene budget and offers convenience. 

It can be really frustrating when you press the nozzle and soap foam does not come out of the dispenser.  Ensure that you frequently check the level of liquid soap or foam soap in dispenser to avoid this situation.

How to Refill Foam Soap Dispenser

Here is a step by step guide to refill a foaming soap dispenser

  1. First of all, check behind the nozzle and push the bar or lever of the dispenser. You will find it at the top or bottom of the dispenser. To remove the cover, you need to push that bar or lever while gently pulling the top of the dispenser towards you. This way, the top should come away from the wall and hang down.
  2. Inside the soap dispenser you will find an empty plastic soap bag which needs to be removed. Simply slide the nozzle from its slot and remove that empty bag. Set a new filled bag at the exact platform that was housing the older one. Alternatively, if you are refilling with bulk fill, you may find a solid plastic container which should be retained and refilled.
  3. After setting the bag in the exact housing, press the nozzle all the way to secure it. The bag should be seated evenly on the platform with no edges sticking out the sides.
  4. Close the front of the dispenser by swinging it back in place and pressing it firmly.
  5. Now, as a last step, just press down on the dispenser to check that it’s working. If it works then congratulations, you did the job!
  6. If the dispenser doesn’t work properly and foam soap doesn’t come out then simply reset the soap bag on the platform until it starts working as it should.

Monitor frequently to gauge when your soap dispensers need a refill, as maintaining hygiene is one of the most important jobs when managing a washroom in your business. Please view our full range of soap dispensers at Elka imports.