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Elka Paper Towel Dispenser – An Advanced Cleaning Solution

For the top paper towel dispenser and commercial hand towel dispenser’s range, you will not find any better selection or a better price than right here at Elka Imports. Our online store always keeps the full stock of the finest quality Elka hand towel dispensers at incredibly less, wholesale prices as compare to other paper towel dispenser supplier in Sydney, Australia. We take pride to say that at Elka Imports, you will have a huge variety to choose the right type of hand towel dispenser. We offer dispensers in an assortment of styles and sizes and materials to suit your needs, wants, and budget.

Whether you are searching in the market for the fresh look of stainless steel triple toilet roll dispenser, interfold paper towel dispenser, centre feed paper towel dispenser or you simply want to enjoy the ease and comfort of the traditional jumbo toilet roll and paper towel dispenser, trust Elka Imports for all of your commercial bathroom’ paper towel dispenser needs.

At Elka Imports, we also stock from triple roll toilet paper dispenser to centre feed, interleaved, and interfold hand towel dispenser’s range to perfectly fit your exclusive location and expected amount of toilet roll dispenser usage. The jumbo toilet roll dispenser is an ideal solution for high traffic washrooms in your office buildings, schools, entertainment venues, and healthcare facilities. Many of Elka paper towel dispensers are designed by keeping your cost reduction in mind.

When it comes to our stainless steel finish paper towel dispensers, they are easy to clean and won’t stain. For smaller businesses and workspaces with less traffic washrooms, we have a variety of paper towel dispensers as well that works as standard toilet paper dispenser for you. Many of our commercial toilet paper dispensers come in a compact design for your restrooms and can be mounted vertically or horizontally to minimize space usage. No matter what type of toilet paper dispenser you are searching for, we have just the right thing to fit in your environment.

Wholesale Paper Towel Dispenser

The superior hygiene with the best ease is possible only when you purchase our paper towel dispensers, as they are available on wholesale rates so you can easily save up to 40% than the market. You can easily find Elka paper towel dispensers that are available in both ABS plastic and stainless steel as well. Our paper towel and toilet roll dispensers are easy to install and refill. Another plus point of having an Elka toilet roll or hand soap dispenser in your office or house’s restroom is that they require minimal maintenance and built to last longer.

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If you have any confusion related to our paper towel dispenser’s range, just reach us by calling at +612 9773 0708 or emailing at Our customer friendly team is here to assist you in your queries!